Why did Big Data revolutionize the world?

How much information can we process throughout the day? In a globalized world, where any doubt is resolved with one click, it is difficult to assimilate all the data that we receive in our day to day life, so from my experience as an international business development executive at Mbc, the information and data well analyzed are the key to any company.

We have seen how what we know as Big Data, whose implementation is revolutionizing the world of business and companies, becomes a very useful tool for organizations, as it provides them with answers to many questions that they did not even know they had.

In other words, this model provides a point of reference that serves as a starting point or change of direction on how before they reacted and used this information and those that manage to identify problems in a more understandable way, without a doubt, turn difficulties into opportunities and for me that is the real success.

Big Data uses

The international business development executive of Mbc IT Talent Solutions, Lina Gómez, explains that the use of big data facilitates a series of business activities from the analysis of big data, to the customer experience.

That is why it is not strange to know how a company that is on the internet offers the same product over and over again, which you end up buying. The answer is simpler than it seems and is due to data collection, which is nothing more than the analysis and detailed description of what you like and what interest you and offering you what you want to buy without your knowing it. But big data is not only used for purchases, here we show you some examples that serve as a point of reference and that can be taken as a basis for any company that sells products or services.

– Product Development. Big companies make use of big data to anticipate user demand, they generate predictive models and key aspects of current and previous products.

– Customer Experience: This allows the collection of information from the visits of a web page, social networks, call logs and other data sources to improve the customer interaction experience, as well as optimize the value that is offered.

– Security. Compliance requirements and security contexts are constantly evolving. Big data facilitates the identification of data patterns that can cause fraud, while gathering large volumes of data to be protected and prevent cyberattacks.

– Automation. Data is one of the causes of this process. Instead of being programmed, machines can learn thanks to the availability of big data to generate machine learning models.

These are just some of the examples that Big Data can bring to business. However, there are much more. The essential and important thing is to do a thorough and effective analysis. Then it is up to each company to take the step and make decisions that adapt to those conclusions. Big data offers infinite possibilities for the business world and without a doubt, its potential has only improved information in companies, because as more complete tools are developed, the information will be more accessible and, therefore, treatable for any organization.


Information, data, have more and more value, and the trend for the next few years is that the protection of companies to keep their information safe continues to rise. As an asset, it is presumed that in the coming years Big Data will have a direct impact on the local and global economy. That is why in the field of administration, for example, the collection of citizen data allows us to go one step ahead in the management of public services. Among the applications, it could be considered to solve traffic congestion and even improve the transparency aspects of the administration.

In the area of health, likewise, an analysis of patient records, health insurance information or their history may be made. Big Data helps streamline decision-making regarding diagnoses and subsequent treatments.

And what about the tourism sector, in which, based on knowing the consumer’s needs, companies anticipate and predict the next vacation destination and thus generate a secure sale, increases the degree of satisfaction and is the key to success.

It is clear that the very value of the data allows the information to be managed quickly in favor of the efficiency, productivity or business generation of any company. As we can see, the economic impact on the business sector is evident, growing and urgent to implement.

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