11 digital tools to improve productivity while telecommuting

Throughout the past year and at the beginning of 2021 we have seen how many companies adopted telecommuting as their new business dynamics. In fact, more and more large corporations are considering that their employees can choose if they want to telecommute permanently.

In general, telecommuting has advantages, but there are also employees who may find it difficult to stay productive. Therefore, from Mbc we deliver a list of 10 digital tools that will help workers improve their productivity in remote work. The most important thing is to choose a suitable place and a conducive environment to work at home and avoid distractions.

To organize tasks

Trello: Through cards, lists and boards, it allows users to organize and prioritize projects according to the company’s schedule of tasks. In addition, it allows you to add comments, attachments or expiration dates on the cards and can be integrated into the workflow of other applications such as Google Drive, Jira or Slack.

Asana: This tool helps teams manage their tasks based on assigned daily goals, projects, and work. Each workflow can be planned in detail and structured by setting priorities and deadlines. In addition, you can see the status of the tasks at all times to ensure that the teams are oriented to the same objective.

Information storage

Google Drive: this tool allows teams to map all files, to access them from anywhere, as well as save and share them with whoever we want. The free version has 15GB, although Google Drive offers a paid version for companies in which companies only pay for the space their employees use.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon also has a cloud service for managing the tasks of small, medium and large companies, and offers the possibility of scalability as a business grows. AWS has services in cloud computing, databases, virtual networking, business applications such as Amazon WorkMail and storage and content managers to manage all the necessary data and pay only for what we use.

Client management

Kayako: This program connects the support channels, the information of each client and the team that manages it. In addition, it has different functionalities such as problem auditing, communication panel and recurring problems.

Drift: it is a conversational marketing platform that provides a chat option to chat with users who visit our website and convert them into leads. By offering a real-time conversation, rather than a form, you create a better shopping experience. In addition, with Drift we can automatically segment and convert visitors into potential customers.

Password management

Dashlane: through this web application we can access our encrypted and stored data on any device or browser. We can view and edit passwords, secure notes, personal information, and payment methods that we have saved. In addition, it offers the service of identity protection, identity monitoring and has a virtual private network (VPN) to maintain privacy.

Lastpass: with this tool we can manage the authentication, access and identity of all online activity carried out by the company. We can manage passwords, which reduces risk and improves team productivity.

Online communication

Slack: this platform, which was born to replace email, allows you to organize messages through channels, creating organized spaces for a specific project or task. It also helps prioritize conversations and share files through the platform, which can also be synced with Google Drive. In addition, it includes emojis and gifs that help make the messages with the teams motivating and spontaneous.

Google Meet: video calls through this Google platform are easy and fast thanks to its speed and stability. In addition, it can be synchronized with the rest of Google applications. It allows up to 250 participants and record video calls for those who have not been able to attend to watch them. In addition, you can share the screen, send files and communicate by chat.


Flexible and easy-to-use timer to apply the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of focus and 5 minutes of rest) and manage the time spent on an activity to improve productivity. Allows you to configure custom times, audio tones and volume of the alerts.

Let us remember that in order to boost productivity, facilitate performance and get the most out of the paradigm of remote work, there are tools, in many cases free or with minimal cost, useful for teleworking efficiently regardless of where the person is. Take advantage of them!

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