Our best trick is to connect the essence of each one and together create magic for the world.

Mateo Burgos

Founder CEO

I connect talents and dreams with the whole world.
Vanessa Bedoya
Creative Director
I connect creativity and new ideas with results
Esteban Palacio
I connect strategy with creativity and ideas.
Lina Gómez
Operations manager
I connect growth, joy and passion.
Leidy Burgos
Director of Human Talent
I connect my heart with the potential and talent of people
Marcia Morales
Business Development Director
I connect joy with inspiring people in the world
Sebastián Castillo
Performance Psychologist
I connect my energy to motivate talents
Juan David
IT Manager
I connect my knowledge and the solution of challenges with the world
María Fernanda Alba
Visual Creative
I connect aesthetics, creativity and imagination
Johana Balaguera
Management Assistant
I connect my tranquility to find solutions

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