With over 7 years of outsourcing experience, we offer offshore talent solutions.

We are a Colombian company providing professional services. We take care of recruiting, selecting and hiring the most talented software engineers specialized in different technologies of high demand in the market.
We offer a value-added service, which helps companies optimize their operation in cost and efficiency.

We are known for selecting the best human talent with the highest creative and innovative potential, coupled with dynamism when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers. That’s one of the reasons why our customers abroad prefer us.

Thanks to the available technology we export our services and the best workforce of software developers to international markets, especially to the United States.


In 2014 this great story begins, years ago we had been preparing a couple of digital projects, wanting to give our contribution to humanity, we dreamed and wanted to work with companies in Silicon Valley.
We decided to make a business alliance where we were in charge of showing the best talent in the Colombian IT sector with the purpose of giving new opportunities with quality of life; Our company began there, having satisfied our workers, California companies benefited as they completed their projects at excellent times and without staff turnover.

During these 7 years we have learned how to effectively connect international technology companies with Colombian expert software engineers. Today we are convinced that our human talent has a lot of experience, thanks to this we provide an excellent service and our clients are satisfied.
We also continue working on our digital project that we will launch very soon to help humanity.


Mateo Burgos, CEO and Founder

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years of experience
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Mateo Burgos


Vanessa Bedoya

Creative Direction

Marcia Morales

Head of Business Development

Jimena Chatterjee

Business Development

Lina Gómez

Business Development Executive

Leydi Burgos

Head of Talent Acquisition

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