Women: the doors of the IT sector open for their job growth

In Latin America, only 4% of companies have a woman as general manager, according to data from UN Women. The underrepresentation of women in the tech ecosystem is just the tip of the iceberg, perhaps because it is the most visible aspect of the overall lack of diversity in development teams.

In the field of technology, which has always been dominated by the male gender, although the trend regarding the presence of women is growing, the data shows certain alerts. Even today, it is not strange to observe that the number of women is reduced as one rises to the highest levels of leadership, a field that could be exploited by the female gender who has command capacities and empathy with collaborators.

While there is a lack of women performing in various areas of technology, a study that revealed how gender stereotypes survive in the world. 40% of the people surveyed define “digital women” as those who use social networks, only 6% identify them as women who work in a technology company and only 3% associate the concept with a founder or worker woman in a digital start up.

However, there is a valuable aspect that must be rescued. For example, in Colombia the task of academic training is different, since there is a notable increase in the number of women who enter higher education and are inclined towards STEM * careers for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, it went from having 12,092 graduates in 2010 to 41,547 in 2019.


Women consider that they have a differential contribution to carry out training in technological tasks. The CEOs of companies highlight their creativity, support for teamwork, responsibility, organization and systematization of work.

The digital inclusion of women can help catalyze broader equity in social, economic and political dimensions, benefiting the economy as a whole. The empowerment of women within the industry and the improvement of their representation and participation in all areas of life, is essential to demonstrate that they have the power to choose and define themselves.

Research carried out by Booking.com found that satisfaction levels among women working in the technology industry improve as their careers progress, which positively influences their intention to continue in this sector.

It is also worth mentioning that between 2012 and 2019, according to a recent study by Linkedin, the female presence in positions of responsibility in the global technology industry increased by 18 percent, a reason that reveals that this is one of the most propitious times worldwide to access opportunities in the IT sector.


The lack of resources is also another gap that governments are trying to close, because many women are not trained for economic reasons. However, in Colombia, recently the Ministry of ICT, the High Council for Women and IBM presented the program ‘Knowledge transfer for women entrepreneurs’, which seeks to train 6,000 women, between 18 and 60 years old, free of charge , on Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing issues.

The project covers different technological areas in order to develop skills that allow them to advance in their business plans. The initiative uses the SkillsBuild program, which allows the application of real cases through knowledge of technologies. The call is aimed at women who are restless, enterprising and passionate about the world of technology who want to expand their knowledge and opportunities supported by one of the technology multinationals such as IBM. Remember that it is not necessary for people interested in participating in the call to have prior knowledge of this type of technology.

If you want to participate in this call, you can enter this link and there learn the bases and training conditions of this free program: https://www.mintic.gov.co/micrositios/porticmujer/ 

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