Women can dominate the IT sector with talent and empathy

The existing gender gap in the technology sector is of particular importance, because it is the industry that will create the most net employment in the coming years. Also due to the impact that technological development has on the way we relate to people and work, as well as the way we get informed, communicate and entertain ourselves.

The causes of this gap are not always obvious. The work dynamics of engineering or technology companies are not attractive to many of the women pursuing a technical or professional career. One wonders why?

In Colombia, higher education institutions offer 93 engineering programs, however, the country has a deficit of between 11.059 and 29.105 professionals in this area, according to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications. A study carried out by the Universidad Nacional, Medellín headquarters, led by the engineer and professor Diana López, showed that of the students enrolled between 2015 and 2019 in the mechanical engineering undergraduate degree, 1.215 are men and only 99 women. The same happened in systems engineering and informatics, in which the figures are not very different: 1.237 (91%) men and 123 (9%) women.

These figures draw attention to the problem posed by the low presence of women in studies and training related to this sector. Education poses the challenge of adapting to new job demands.

In the world

Every year the Women in ICT event is held, a global initiative known as Girls in ICT Day, through which it seeks to expand the number of professional women who carry out work in engineering, technology and computer science. In this scenario, different conferences and activities led by women are offered that try to motivate others to develop their talent in the ICT sector. The world’s companies consider that the absence of them in the market directly affects the world economy, which is currently aimed at this industry.

According to the director of Business Development of Mbc Group, Marcia Morales Mejía, we must begin to break down the barrier of thinking that the IT sector only has to do with programming or developing, creating codes or occupying operational positions, since this world is not only broad, but it also offers important positions and high professional and personal development.

 “In the world of technology, it is undeniable that there are great opportunities for men and women. This is not the time to say that it is a union traditionally dominated by men, because the variety of profiles that are required on a daily basis count on their empathy and talent. I invite women to take a leadership position, to be agents of positive changes in our society, to innovate, to be managers of digital transformation and the first step to start is to invite young women to be interested in studying related careers, train and occupy managerial positions or positions of great responsibility”, she added.

Morales added that the industries are no longer the same as before and the world has already turned to offering its goods and services through the Internet and that is why it is urgent that women who are part of this change and digital revolution be more and better prepared.

She also explained some of the profiles most requested by the IT Industry and that could perfectly be filled by them:

1. Project manager: This profile has a multifaceted role. They have capabilities that involve project management, a leadership role that not only involves being in front of the computer, but also managing a team – and communicating with different teams within organizations, understanding their clients and their needs. It is about an empathetic leader, capable of bringing out the best in each person in his/her environment, motivating his/her team and generating the ideal climate for the achievement of objectives. This position is due to the profile of the person and not exclusively to his/her professional field.

2. Solution architect: it is a professional with the necessary experience to know “a little bit of everything” but having an end-to-end vision of the solution. He/she is the one in charge do to listen to customer needs and design a solution, mapping functional requirements to technologies.

3. Artificial intelligence: will work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams in the analysis, design, implementation, validation, implementation, supervision and management of intelligent systems, applying algorithms in areas such as natural language machine learning, artificial vision.

4. Business analysts: responsible for closing the gap between IT and the business through data analytics in order to evaluate processes, determine requirements, and generate recommendations and reports based on data to executives and stakeholders.

It is the intermediary between the technical team and the client.

5. Business development, marketing and sales areas: This profile requires having a mixture of technical knowledge, knowing what the market needs, above all, because knowing customers will be a key role for the success of the company’s businesses. industry.

These are some positions that can be filled in a successful and timely manner by women and in the face of this real panorama, Mintic, for its part, created a strategy called IT Talent, in order to boost competitiveness, research, innovation and international projection of the sector of the country’s information technologies. To date, it has benefited more than 21.700 people at technical, technological and university levels, through forgivable loans. In the group of beneficiaries, 45.6% are women and 54.4% are men. This is good news, and we must continue to take advantage of this context so that the female gender has an important participation in the industry.

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