Why have a Colombian engineer in an international company?

The rise of information and communication technologies demands more and better professionals in the area of systems engineering in the world. In the last five years, the ICT industry in Colombia, for example, has experienced very important growth, according to data from the Ministry of Information, Technology and Communications, this has been 12% per year on average.

For this reason, today, systems engineering is one of the careers with the highest number of graduates who find work in the first year after obtaining their degree, with a remarkable salary that, according to official data, exceeds 2.5 million monthly.

That is why it is valuable to remember that today any company, no matter how small, needs to make use of information and communication technologies. At the present time, making use of technologies at the service of customers is a basic need of every company, and for this, engineers who know how to implement the tools in the best way and with the expected success are required.

Colombia, in particular, stands out for having very good systems engineers and there are many professionals who are the first to leave or be hired by international companies. Experts indicate that this does not become a national, but a global competition. Well, any company in the world under the same conditions provides job stability for a Colombian and offers job stability and quality of life even for those who work from their own homes.

To highlight

One of the things worth mentioning is that the Colombian professional has unique and outstanding capabilities compared to other places. For example, there are excellent systems engineers specialized in artificial intelligence, Back- End, Front- End, Big Data, FullStack and many technologies that make them attractive to companies abroad.

It should also be noted that when Colombians form teams, they stand out for being productive, proactive, purposeful and demonstrate a desire to learn. In addition, they follow the orders of the bosses and adapt easily to their other coworkers.

Another of the remarkable qualities is that in Colombia they work in the same time zone with the United States and this allows easy adaptation to tasks. Likewise, the majority of professionals are bilingual and sometimes speak more than 3 languages, allowing this coupling to be done naturally in companies.

From this perspective, in the world of systems engineering, there is work for everyone depending on what they want to do and in which area they want to specialize. The recommendation given by the experts is that all engineers should have the ability to communicate, because it is not only about creating code, but understanding the needs of the client, knowing how to transmit them, and knowing how to expose their models.

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