Why do companies outsource?

Outsourcing has increasingly become a model implemented by companies, because as their needs grow they begin to be specific in their tasks and the talent to occupy specialized positions is not found so easily or as swiftly in the international market.

From Mbc we can define outsourcing as ‘subcontracting’ of services, that is, it happens when an organization hires other external companies to carry out part of its activity or production.

This phenomenon is due to organizations reducing their overhead in their daily operations, which increases profit margins. And although it is a purely economic and commercial decision, the truth is that better productivity has also been identified.

At Mbc we want to list the advantages of this model, which for six years we have been implementing by recruiting the best IT personnel for international companies, and in order to publicize Colombian talent worldwide.


  • Saving of time and effort: an initial training stage is not required, the reduction of the margin of error due to having specialized personnel and technology and, ultimately, an improvement in the overall performance of the company.
  • Flexibility: By increasing the efficiency of their processes, companies that outsource services enjoy flexibility that allows them to meet new customer needs.
  • Reducing or controlling costs: Colombia has much more competitive and economical IT talent compared to other countries and this makes international companies to more frequently hire professionals from the country, who, among other things, are recognized for having highly qualified profiles.
  • Gaining access to IT resources that are not available internally and that are available to the engineer or trained personnel.
  • Transformation of the company, because they are people from different parts of the world sharing global experiences to improve processes.

It is important to remember that in the world software developers and IT professionals, they are often hired, through recruitment agencies, in this case Mbc makes it easy for companies to find the person with the qualities and experience they are searching. And once contact is made with the client, the organization takes three to four weeks to choose the three most specialized profiles that fit the needs of the company.

At this point, it is worth noting that once the client chooses the required person, an agreement is signed, and Mbc makes permanent contact with the professional, monitoring him so that he is always focused on meeting the objectives. The mission is to provide backing and offering quality of life in the same way so that they can rest and prepare for their areas of interest.

Finally, companies that outsource technology quickly learn that these remote developers and technology professionals are derivation-oriented and highly dependent on results. For this reason, outsourcing becomes a useful model not only to have economic profits, but also to have better productivity and work environment.

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