While unemployment grows , the IT sector requires more professionals

The Covid19 Pandemic revolutionized the world. The unemployment rate in all countries rises sharply in most professions and trades. However, vacancies and demand for workers grew in the information technology sector. Only in Colombia there are 62 thousand job offers available.

The leaders of the IT sector explain that engineers are highly valued in the workplace and consequently have greater benefits in the economic aspect. Their innovative profile, passion, analytical skills, logical and mathematical thinking are some of the characteristics most sought after by national and international recruiters and clients. Today no company makes decisions without information technology.


Software Engineering is one of the careers with the greatest demand in the labor field; In addition, salaries can be much more attractive due to the smart solutions that professionals provide to organizations. This due to the great technological boom that is being experienced worldwide.

At Mbc we present 5 reasons why young people who have not yet decided which career to choose or have some doubts about their professional future, should choose systems or software engineering, for jobs in the short, medium and long term.

1. Information and communication technologies are and will continue to be the essential technological support for the development of all organizations and it will be difficult to do without these services, especially in a world that has turned to the remote work model.

2. The national and global productive sector is needing an increasing number of engineers for their development projects, for this reason it is necessary for college students to choose this career, no longer considered as “the future”, but the present.

3. Its field of action is broad enough to cover from health, engineering, economics, biology or communication, since all areas and organizations require technology to perform efficiently.

4. Systems or software engineers have the highest job placement rate. According to the National Institute of Statistics, 72% of the graduates in this career achieve a permanent employment contract.

5. Universities in Colombia offer transversal and versatile training. The career addresses many areas so that their study does not limit the student. For this reason, they graduate as broad spectrum engineers and easily adapt to different work scenarios.

Let’s remember that most people spend half their lives looking for a better job that offers quality of life and also allows them to train in other areas of knowledge.

In the information technology sector, there will never be a shortage of jobs for engineers, and it is undeniable that new offers come out every day in all kinds of languages and for all kinds of projects. The above leads us to reflect and invites future engineers to think, to rethink and choose to train and specialize in this branch.

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