The importance of Cybersecurity in 2021

“As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on global health, the economy, politics and social systems, another threat that has gone unnoticed in the digital space becomes visible: the risk of cyberattacks that are hunting our growing dependence in digital tools and what makes it uncertain is a crisis that will have no end”.

This is how the World Economic Forum explains it in an article about its position on the issue of cybersecurity, a situation that cannot go unnoticed when the whole world turned to remote work, online study, internet shopping and telemedicine services, among hundreds of other topics.

For this reason, now more than ever the power of technology is being demonstrated both personally and professionally, even more so in the corporate sphere, since many companies are reluctant to manage everything from a mobile device or a computer.

“Technology is the thread that holds us together, and cybersecurity ensures that it does not break”

There is a high possibility that companies receive cyberattacks and because the intrusion is so high, a good way is to maintain mitigation procedures in certain scenarios, activation of containment protocols in case of attacks and to carry out frequent simulations of irruption towards the organization, also called Pentesting or Ethical Hacking.

In the case of applications, it is also feasible to create a Bug Bounty program, where risks and impacts must be defined, they are assigned a value in money, this allows that if an ethical hacker detects a vulnerability he has the confidence of being able to report it, to receive payment for the discovery and mainly that there will be no legal repressions.

From Mbc, for example, we have expert cybersecurity engineers who are in charge of reviewing all elements of the business architecture, providing a clear image of the level of vulnerability, probability of success against an external attacker, or even if  there is the peril of being victim of information theft internally by employees.

In this regard, a correct vulnerability analysis or the performance of a cybersecurity audit is essential both at a preventive level or as an adjustment, if you have already been the victim of a cyber-attack.

The call, without a doubt, is for early prevention and the protection of the most valuable thing in organizations: information. This prevents the world of cybercrime from continuing to gain ground and safe methods are carried out, within the reach of companies and individuals to avoid subsequent damage.

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