The demand for IT services is increasing.

One of the sectors that have had an incredible increase in recent years has been the technology sector. Technological advancements are increasingly in demand in business processes every time, bringing a remarkable rise in IT services in these areas.

The technology sector is in constant growth. Despite the various crises the world is going through, this field has been a solution for global economic emergence. However, as this sector grows, acquiring more professionals specialized in different programming languages to cover it becomes necessary.

Technological growth in numbers

Although the growth of this sector may vary from country to country, since it depends on the policies implemented by the government to promote it, in general terms, the technology sector and its advances are growing almost everywhere in the world.

While this is true, it has been estimated that in the United States, this sector will grow to 46% in the next five years, providing many jobs in hybrid mode and teleworking for those who wish to venture into this area.

Now, in global terms, it is expected that during 2022 the technology sector will have a growth of 7.42%, much higher than during the pandemic, more in the next five years where its total increment is expected to be 8.04%, a figure that doesn’t sound so big by itself. Still, if we express it in economic terms, it is essential.

This has been evidenced by the fact that in recent years, investors and large accelerators have focused on startups and companies with technological value propositions, fostering precisely this expected economic growth in the coming years. 


The most in-demand teleworking positions

According to large consulting firms such as Indeed, some of the most sought-after positions in the coming years in technology will be the following: 

  1. Engineering Manager
  2. Front-end Developer
  3. DevOps
  4. Full-stack Developer
  5. UX/UI Designer
  6. QA Engineer
  7. Mobile Developer
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Back-end Developer
  10. Online Marketing
  11. Software Architect
  12. VP Engineering/CTO


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