Seven tips for working with remote computers

For hundreds of companies it would be unthinkable not to have their team physically close by, because the challenges of remote communication would mean a lack of efficiency and a slowdown in timely results.

However, more and more organizations are hiring their human resources outside the country, as they find qualified talents and specialties, as well as cost reductions and significant contributions to their teams.

In an article posted on the blog, they note that many industries are seeing a sharp increase in the number of remote workers and this trend is likely to continue. The experts were not wrong, even without knowing that the global pandemic would happen, that in 2020 50% of the workforce would be remote. “Enabling remote employees has certain benefits: It enables employees to be more autonomous and efficient, and to perform high-quality work without office distractions,” the blog notes. The CEO and Founder of Mbc IT Talent Solutions, Mateo Burgos Castillo, explains some practices and advantages of remote teams and how to optimize activities, translated into quality results for companies.

Tools at hand:

Installing ideal platforms to promote remote work is the responsibility of the company. The use of technologies will be an indispensable ally to provide maximum performance, regardless of where the person works. The mission will always be to ensure a reliable, secure and well-equipped infrastructure for smooth collaboration and effective remote work.

Proper hiring

At this point it is important that the personnel who are part of a remote team share the same vision and work of the company, since the work environment will also depend on that. It is necessary that training on work methodology be carried out in a unit, even for those who have never had an experience of this type. Making the tasks clear, trusting in the worker’s autonomy and respecting the freedoms of the worker will be key to optimal results.

Team management

Leaders are aware that managing a remote team has different challenges than conventional ones. It often requires cultural and technological changes, but at the same time, it provides a great competitive advantage and allows you to build a stronger team with more capable minds, no matter where you live.

Flexible schedules

Remote work includes not only remote teams in the same city, but even in other countries. Therefore, you must be aware of the difference in circumstances and time zones to adapt work plans, meetings and even last-minute tasks. Leaders must ensure that such flexibility is respected, as it would not make sense to keep employees on a fixed schedule.

Personal connection

Face-to-face meetings are very valuable, but this option cannot always be used on remote teams. However, leaders can establish personalized virtual meetings to meet the needs of their worker, to listen to them on work and even personal issues. A channel should be established that creates so much confidence that the distance barrier disappears completely. It is recommended that once or twice a year, they try to integrate to join the teams, especially when new people enter.

Corporate culture

Empathy at this point plays a determining role in the work environment. Organizations that foster a virtual environment get the best out of every team member. When people share the same vision and have similar values, they are ready to go the extra mile when given extra work or finishing ahead of schedule.

Clear communication

The members of a remote team agree that the clearer you speak to them, the better and the desired results will be achieved. The leader must communicate, follow up on the tasks, without depriving the collaborator of autonomy and ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

In summary, it could be expressed that the best way to lead, manage and lead a remote team is to generate trust, promote communication and focus on efficiency through the use of technology and not forget that behind computers there are human beings who also require of a solid corporate culture, where they not only feel happy, but also listened to and motivated.

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