5 programming languages: trends of 2021

Jun 16, 2021

Experts from different professional areas warn that knowing how to program will be as important in the future as sending an email or sending messages from a cell phone. However, there are more than a hundred different programming languages and all, depending on the needs, turn out to be useful and of great quality, but, which are the most demanded by companies and are a trend in 2021?

As with human languages, there are many programming languages in computing. Each one with its peculiarities. There are some very simple and others more complex. There are also some focused on managing machines and others are more useful for the internet or mobile applications.

From Mbc and based on a technology blog, we make up the top 5 programming languages that are trending in 2021.

1.C#: It is an easy to learn object-oriented programming language. It is considered fast, safe and includes hundreds of libraries that make it the best option, after C++. It is completely combined with .NET and has easy integration with the Windows operating software. The C # language can be applied in creating virtual reality games, Windows 8 and 10.

2. C++: It is considered one of the most efficient and flexible programming languages to use. It has created a constant demand in the market, due to its high performance and reliability. It is also OPS compliant and has extensive, well-referenced libraries. The C ++ application can be seen in Game Development, Web and Mobile Solutions, Desktop Applications, and Embedded Systems. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft and Google are the companies that have been using the C++ language in their operations with complete satisfaction.

3. SCALA: This language supports functional and object-oriented programming, which can be written statically, compiled into Java bytecode, and run in a Java virtual machine.

SCALA has a wide implementation in the fields of web development, data analysis and data transmission. The companies that implement SCALA in their businesses are the New York Times and

4. SWIFT: A compiled, open source, general-purpose programming language developed by Apple. Therefore, if you are a lover of iOS applications and want to develop native iOS or Mac applications, SWIFT is for you. It is influenced by Python, which makes it fast, secure, easy to read, and most importantly, easy to learn. The SWIFT language is applied for Apple software and application development.

5. KOTLIN: This language is fully operable with Java and comes without limitations. It also supports functional programming languages. The KOTLIN application is for Android development, web development, desktop, and server-side development. Being a recently launched programming language, KOTLIN has found use in some large companies, such as Coursera, Uber, Pinterest, and Post Mates.

Despite the fact that here we recommend the 5 programming languages that are a trend in 2021, it is also worth consulting on the internet the lists that are published on the web.

One of the most prestigious, or at least used by the majority, is known as the TIOBE index. It is published once a year and is an important reference to know what languages companies request or should be studied and learned. Its manager is the company of the same name TIOBE, dedicated to checking more than 1,056 million lines of code for its clients around the world, in real time, every day, a good comparative exercise to know market trends and in what it is worth being training.

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