The most requested profiles in Silicon Valley

Jun 2, 2021

Working in Silicon Valley is the dream of many young people and professionals, who aspire to one of the occupations and opportunities offered by famous technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Silicon Valley is the name given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern California, United States. Here are the largest technology companies in the world as well as new start-ups that are making their way among the giants that already exist.

The job opportunities, the great salaries and benefits, the technological culture, are the strengths that make many people to set the objective of working in a company of this technological shark that every day requires qualified personnel to meet their demand and needs in the development of new projects.

How to get there?

Although it will be a competitive advantage when it comes to obtaining a job in Silicon Valley, having specialized training, having good grades, having excelled in your career, demonstrating passion for technology are aspects that these companies evaluate with a magnifying glass and privilege those who like teamwork and adapt to the changes that these jobs may have.

Remember that competitiveness is high and should stand out by demonstrating a series of skills and personal aptitudes. In other words, more than university degrees, knowledge in a certain field and, above all, the ability to undertake are valued.

At Mbc, we make a list of the profiles most requested by Silicon Valley. *Source: EL TIEMPO newspaper.

1. Front-end developers: The front-end developer is in charge of the design and visual structure of web pages in a company. In addition, the person responsible for optimizing the loading or browsing time.

2. Back-end developers: It is the person who builds the logic necessary to build a website or application.

3. Data analyst: The data analyst works on the grouping, reading and interpretation of data to generate strategies within companies.

4. Mobile application developer: It is the person in charge of developing, creating and modifying mobile applications, especially for individual users.

5. Technological support engineer: Is the person in charge of the assistance, optimization and maintenance of the equipment and systems conducted by the employees of a company.

Although Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg may seem unattainable figures, the truth is that they managed to reach the cradle of start-ups without having completed their university studies. That does not mean that the career of these entrepreneurs confirms that there is only one way to achieve success.

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