Opportunities behind coronavirus

Before the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in the world, hundreds of thousands of companies were already working under the telework model, a practical and simple way to participate with your office colleagues via the Internet and with national and international clients from the comfort of your house.

Such is the case of Mbc, an IT talent solutions company, which was born six years ago and started with a small group of software engineers. Today, that number exceeds 20 people, capable of working in real time with companies abroad, exceeding their expectations for talent, capabilities and service.

Examples like this lead organizations to create the need to change their old work models and transform them to the point of including remote engineers in all their processes. With this model, companies win, but also professionals who adapt to this lifestyle, better paid and with a better quality of life.

A necessary change

Without a doubt, life before and after coronavirus will not be the same. Today offices with their design, furniture and decoration must change, to adapt to the new models that will be imposed ahead of schedule, due to the global health emergency. Thus, doing an exercise of looking into the future (and already the present), Mbc offers seven reasons why remote work is not only a way of working during the pandemic, but a model that will be established in everyday life.

1. Greater flexibility: For those who have family and personal commitments (for example, childcare or care for the elderly) that prevent them from working outside the home on full or defined hours. Today, everything we need to telecommute fits in the palm of your hand.

2. Productivity: The effects of teleworking will depend on factors such as the agility of the company’s information and communication systems, corporate culture and the ability of supervisors to support the worker.

3. Accessibility: Helps to break down the structural barriers faced by people with disabilities to access a job, as well as women who also apply for positions traditionally held by men.

4. Communications: Thanks to teleworking, your concentration is on the most important tasks, and there is not the pressure of having a boss supervising your tasks. You work for achievements.

5. Talent retention: Mobile work policies expand to recruitment beyond traditional geographic limitations and help companies compete among candidates, making for a more engaging work experience. When the job is completely mobile and location-independent, hiring no longer depends on whether a candidate, consultant, or contractor lives in the city or on their willingness to relocate, at the added cost this entails.

6.Collaboration without borders: Multi-geographic work teams, between colleagues and managers from different places, clients and partners from different companies – play a vital role in many organizations. Businesses can conduct product demonstration, training and support sessions online without the time and expense of travel.

7. Set the rules: The teleworker owns his time, but he must manage his schedule routines, adapt a pleasant space at home, other than his room, and make good use of his technological tools.

Although the word of the moment is “reinventing yourself”, people and most industries have decided to change their strategy and diversify their businesses. It is not an opportunity to lose, but to sell goods or services through new models.

Let us remember that for hundreds of companies in the United States, Colombia is a good supplier, and one of the sectors with the greatest growth potential is that of technology, because industries had to turn to remote work. The invitation is to break the limits, dust off old work attitudes, and pick up ideas that one day, as crazy as they may seem, mean the opportunity to create or start your own business.

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