MBC was present at the Virtual Macro Round of the Americas 2020

We are bearers of good news. We are pleased to share with you that we recently participated in the Virtual Macro Round of the Americas 2020, organized by ProColombia with 1,000 exporting companies from the country and more than 450 purchasing companies from the 35 countries of the continent, along with three invited destinations such as the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

In this sense, Mbc IT Talent Solutions is a country brand and in this space we not only managed to connect with companies from the invited countries, but with organizations from Mexico, Chile, Canada, the United States, among others, that are focused on 4.0 industries with software and IT, cybersecurity, BPO, advertising and digital marketing, animation (VR and AR), Audiovisual production and video games.

“We tell the world what we do. We are exporters of Colombian IT talent abroad and we are expanding our business not only by putting the quality of Colombian professionals at the service, but also by teaching them our Colombian DNA. Full of joy, good ideas, initiative and leadership ”: stated Mateo Burgos Castillo, CEO and Founder of MBC IT Talent Solutions.

Colombia, the next Silicon Valley

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, in his participation in the event, pointed out that the country has positioned itself as a leader in the digital transformation of the State. “It is on its way to becoming the Silicon Valley of Latin America,” he added. Duque added that Colombia is setting guidelines to be a regional leader, not only in digital transformation, but also to consolidate its aspiration to be a giant in technological services and that is why the nation aims for a complete transformation in which education is addressed, regulation, expansion, investment, and proximity.

He also highlighted the actions that the country has taken in terms of digital transformation, with public policies, ICT regulation, cybersecurity, expansion of electronic commerce and pointed out that the outlook is positive.

Let us remember that this promotional activity is one of the most important in the region and aims to accelerate trade between Colombia and the continent, with a view to stabilizing intra-regional trade relations.

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