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Does it make sense to seek happiness at work? Yes, we will spend more than 80 thousand hours of our life working. But as a company, does it make sense to promote happiness in the workplace? Of course, if you don’t do it for them, do it for your productivity; happy collaborators are 12% more productive.

And if job happiness is the key to success, at Mbc we are convinced that the feeling of job satisfaction is key to retaining talent. It is not only about good remuneration, meeting goals and objectives, but providing quality of life to employees, including ensuring that they can rest or train in their free time in other subjects such as improving or learning a second language.

The key to happiness in organizations is to constantly strive to foster a stimulating culture. The difference between happy and unhappy organizations is the same as being simply someone who reacts to calls and impositions from the outside world or, conversely, someone who creatively constructs a new reality by necessarily forcing the world to adapt to it.

A dream

Since MBC started as an idea, we have always been concerned with being clear about our values within the mission and vision. We care about responsible staff, but who infects international companies with their sense of joy, passion and human warmth.

Not surprisingly, it is usual for organizations in the United States to indicate in their evaluations that Colombian software engineers distinguish themselves from others, not only because of their professionalism, but because they go one step further, that is, they are proactive and take the initiative in their teams to improve processes and projects.

Although we strive to connect your company with the most talented Colombian engineers, we also care that our DNA leaves a mark anywhere in the world that seeks our services. We guarantee prices, services and trained personnel, but we are aware that our work is carried out by human beings who when motivated, are more creative and innovative, are better leaders and more resilient in the face of change.

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