Learn about the process for recruiting engineers at Mbc

Each company, depending on its economic activity, describes its selection processes based on filters, tests and interviews to hire the best candidate. In some companies, the evaluation time takes longer than in others, and is due to the fact that they seek the most suitable profiles to occupy positions of lesser, medium and greater importance.

Although these processes have varied greatly in recent years through the Internet and technologies, and job search portals such as LinkedIn , InfoJobs or InfoEmpleo proliferate, interviews with candidates are still one of the most important tools for professionals in the selection of personnel for companies.

Let us remember that when companies begin a selection process it is due to different reasons: filling a newly created position, replacing a vacant position, starting a new activity, replacing a retiring worker, preparing junior workers for the increased workload in the company, among others.

To carry out this type of process with full guarantee, companies must attend to certain recommendations that begin by analyzing what the characteristics of the profile they are looking for and provide specific details of how they want the person to fill said vacancy.

Here we describe the step-by-step on what is the recruitment guide for Mbc:

1. First contact: usually the international client contacts the Mbc team to find out about the outsourcing services of IT professionals and have a first approach to the needs of the company.

2. Requirements: The client is responsible for submitting a specific profile about the candidate that is required for their vacancy. In it you must specify the position, tasks to be performed, working hours and hiring time. The more accurate it is, the more detailed the candidate will search.

3. Search: Once the application is filed, it will take 3-4 weeks for the Mbc team to search for the required professional. Normally the companies when they do this work take from 8 to 12 months without having, sometimes, a successful search. At this point, Mbc will be in charge of sending only three suitable candidates for the client to review their resumes and decide which one best suit their needs.

4. Selection: Once the client evaluates the three profiles, it will analyze which one fits their requirements. It will validate the experience, your knowledge and skills, as well as specific factors depending on your need. He will subsequently inform Mbc of your choice.

5. Notification: The Mbc Team will be in charge of outsourcing the software engineer or developer in Colombia and will notify the professional who has been selected by the international client to sign their contract and start their activities and work plan.

6. Start of work: The engineer remotely integrates his team in the United States and provides his daily services for at least 8 hours from Monday to Friday. In this regard, it should be noted that international clients by hiring Colombian labor save a considerable amount of money monthly. For example, paying an American professional is worth an average of $ 7,500 per month, while a Colombian who provides the same services and has a similar level and experience charges $ 4,500 for his work.

7. Contract with Mbc: The client and our company will sign a full-time and long-term contract to give guarantees on both sides. We also take care of monitoring the engineer to analyze the quality of his work.

 For Mbc it will always be satisfactory not only to find in the shortest time the ideal candidate for the clients who contact us, but our outsourcing service is reliable, safe and with excellent results. By working in the same time zone, for example, with the United States, we guarantee the availability of professionals and we are interested in subcontracting complying with all Colombian labor laws and respect for the rights of employees.

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