Artificial intelligence and apps at the service of humanity

Can you imagine an application that allows citizens to estimate the impact of Covid 19 on their lives and that of their family in real time?

If your answer is yes, Coronability is the name of this application that was developed by two Colombian data scientists led by Jairo Andrés Díaz Rodríguez, PhD and member of Mbc Talent Solutions Machine Learning and Óscar Fernando Gómez Sandoval MSc.

The innovative feature of the tool is that it assesses the personal situation and, by means of informative statistical data, provides an overview of the present and the future of Covid 19.

“We rely on public data from the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 Report, and the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection. We analyze these data to obtain our estimates”, explained engineer Jairo Andrés Díaz, who carried out this development as a personal work and parallel to the activities he carries out at Mbc.

He indicated that Coronability has data for most countries in the world plus the departments of Colombia. “As we obtain more specific data, we will be able to improve our estimates and generate specific reports for regions of other countries, and even neighborhoods so that there is more secure information”, he said.

Cases like this allow us to learn how software development and artificial intelligence have revolutionized processes that used to be done through the inspiration of people. Automatic models are now efficient, safe processes, and have infinite possibilities to provide multiple solutions.


Although software developers are dedicated to creating the pillars of operating systems and testing the code of new programs to ensure their efficiency, in times of global pandemic their contribution has been outstanding and of essential human value.

In artificial intelligence, for example, Díaz mentions that there have been hundreds of initiatives, but he highlighted two that could revolutionize medicine and service to patients. The first is the X-ray system to the lungs of people to give an accurate diagnosis of the disease. The valuable thing is that neither tests nor reagents will be necessary.

The second development in which he participates is to make his knowledge available in databases to predict, from the places, where future outbreaks will appear and to activate alarm systems for the health authorities to make decisions.

“Examples would be superfluous, but just seeing how a computer predicts what we are going to write is already an advance that will not replace human beings as it is believed. These contributions to humanity will make it possible to concentrate resources and personnel on different tasks. Companies have a lot to think about”, adds the artificial intelligence expert.

In conclusion, as explained by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, these advances do not represent threats to man, as long as their development focuses on human benefit and not on the technological factor. 

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