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Hundreds of international clients know or want to hire Colombian personnel highly trained in software engineering. If this is your case, we invite you to read this article, because Mbc connects your company with the best professionals in the IT sector, experts in programming languages and prepared to work in your company with remote methodologies.

Our mission is to recruit staff for you and we take care of selecting the best profiles based on experience, specialty and even salary. Know the ABC of requirements that you as a client must have when making the request to our company. Remember that the description is more detailed, it will make it easier for us to provide you with better applicants. Write us an email at company / mbcittalentsolutions or call us at +57 320 4525300


1. Specify country / city: This information is vital to know what availability the engineer you are going to hire must have (full time, part time or freelance) and establish direct communication channels. We must be aware of this to prepare work schedules especially in countries such as the United States and Spain where times vary with the Colombian time zone. (We recommend that you specify not only the country, but the city where it came from.)

2. Specific information: In the mail or request call that you make to us, describe in detail the tasks and functions that the software engineer will perform. It will be easier for our company to recruit personnel that strictly fit your needs. We would like to know what characteristics this profile has, what attitudes and skills it must have, aspects that are of consideration in your organization.

Here is a brief example: Unity Developer Post. Description: As a Unity developer, you will be part of the technology team. We are looking for a profile that has the ability to develop new functionalities, mechanics and features for our games. A person capable of working both as a team and individually, as well as with the communication capacity to respond to the department’s management and generate reports.

  • FullStack developer eager to work and purposeful personality.
  • FrontEnd developer for web pages focused on the banking area.
  • BackEnd developer, UI designer, Machine Learning, Data Engineer, etc.

3. Skills: It is valuable to us that you make a list of skills that are

keys in the profile, without them we can hardly find the right candidate. Generally, these skills are divided into two: the strictly required and the plus or differentials that will generate greater opportunity and acceptance at the time of the evaluation.



  • +1 year of experience in the mobile video games sector, which has launched a mobile game for IOS and Android.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Unity.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in C # and software design.
  • Experience in the implementation of internal development tools in Unity.
  • Experience in development / implementation of UI / UX interfaces.
  • Experience in cloud platforms such as AWS, Firebase or others.

 Experience in:

  • Multiplayer game development.
  • Implementation of multiplayer systems with authoritative server.
  • Deployed and scaled servers for multiplayer games.
  • Experience in other game engines like Unreal Engine 4.
  • Use of other programming languages (C ++, Javascript ).
  • “Shader programming”.
  • Development of quality control and testing (QA) software.
  • Optimization of game performance.

 4. Level of experience: You must explain and specify how many years of experience you are applying for and in which areas you have worked, so the search will be limited only to candidates who meet this requirement.

Example: Experience in app development, web pages, payments, real- time chats, 3D animation, databases, data  analysis  , banks, security, etc.


The engineer to hire will work for databases, analysis, development, etc. With experience as a full stack, real – time chats, online payments, among other features.

– Excellent knowledge of NPM (min 2 years)         

– Python (minimum 3 years)         

– JavaScript (minimum 2 years)         

– CI / CD (minimum 1 year)         

– Knowledge of Splunk and Artifactory is required.         

5. Type of work: At this point it is essential that you specify the type of hiring if you only need a freelancer (indicate the average time required), in how many projects you will participate or if it will be a long-term relationship.

Finally, remember that recruitment and selection is a free service that we provide to companies in the IT sector. We want you to be comfortable with the person who will enter your company and provide services remotely. Our DNA is to provide reliable solutions, at a lower cost compared to the international market and improving the lives of Colombian professionals.

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