Junior or senior. Age and experience in job offers

Apprentice, Junior, Semisenior and Senior What do they mean by these jobs? Surely every day you see these terms in job offers or within your company to define the vacancies on these concepts.  Therefore, knowing how to identify the different professional profiles according to your work experience is key.

It should be noted that the different types or levels within companies depend on the needs of each organization or each work team. At Mbc, for example, we not only recruit staff based on the number of years of work experience, but we place the same value on demonstrable knowledge in their work settings.

Diplomas and training matter, but we believe more in projects that are a reality. However, we consider the degree of technical knowledge or the ability of the person to self-manage in their work, either individually or in teams.

These are the categories that we take into account in our company. Get to know them and become part of our team.

 Apprentice: 0-1 years of experience

This type of worker is about to graduate or just received his title. For example, we have cases of technicians and technologists who have shown us capabilities equal to or superior to those of a professional software developer, and we evaluate this with the seriousness of the case. At Mbc, once we validate their knowledge, we give apprentices or interns the opportunity to participate in our selection processes. Their main characteristic is that they are docile, adapt to different tasks and turn out to be purposeful.

Junior: 1-2 years of experience

This professional is starting his career. Excluding his student experience, he has a maximum of two years of work experience. He requires weekly monitoring at a detailed level. They carry out simpler tasks and usually need ongoing guidance. Junior workers are enthusiastic, empathetic, have high learning ability and recent theoretical knowledge. It should be noted that in these ranges it is a favorable time for the worker to decide tospecialize and train to achieve a better profile or focus on a specific branch of their career.  

Intermediate: 2-5 years of experience

He is technically self-sufficient. He can develop more complex functions and execute projects of medium relevance. They perform autonomously and respect the standards and methodologies of the company. He knows a good part of the processes and constantly looks to adapt.  Most of the time, he meets the deadlines for his work.

Semi senior: 5- 7 years of experience

In this stage, the worker has perfectly identified his skills and abilities, since the years developing his work has allowed him to have a degree of specialization. This level of professionalism and expertise is related to a higher level of income according to the area and occupation that he performs. He is self-sufficient and does not require constant supervision. He looks for more assignments and is proactive in his available time. His response under pressure is good and his virtue is to focus on the result of his work. He has good command of the tools necessary to work successfully. 

Senior: 7 years or more of experience

This worker is experienced and can train relay generations. He has high autonomy in his work and makes decisions without the need for supervision. The productivity of this professional is high, and he already knows perfectly the necessary tools for his work. He is capable of streamlining processes and bringing new ideas to the company. Due to his proactivity and high productivity, this professional requires a higher salary than the others.

The senior professional is a conciliator, communicates efficiently with clients and other team members. This worker solves problems efficiently and can guide his colleagues.

Remember that 77% of job offers include experience as one of their requirements. However, it is not vital and necessary, because the idea is to employ people with great potential for professional development, who can stay in companies, grow, learn and reach higher positions.

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