IT Talent Outsourcing: the strategy of having technical allies in Colombia

Currently, companies have understood that it is time to redefine their strategies and business model, through digital transformation. Tools such as technology or the current situation of Covid 19 have allowed to open a scenario, where working remotely is part of the new and immediate reality.

For this reason, Mbc was consolidated years ago, as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, which is in charge of delivering to international clients: good quality services, talent and processes that allow them to achieve compliance with their development activities of software.

Likewise, the company is in charge of seeking and recruiting specialized talent in the Software and IT Services industry, such as: data scientists, specialists in Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and software developers, UX/UI designers, profiles with a very high demand in the market at the global level, which means that this activity is not so easy or so fast for companies, since it involves months of searching and accessing the best profile.

Mbc, not only facilitates this process but also has a network of more than 3.000 specialized profiles that allow filling the offers with professionals made for each vacancy.

Why prefer Mbc?

International clients prefer Mbc for these two reasons:

  1. They find an expert in connecting IT talent. Thus, they manage their time to innovate, seek capital investment and focus on attracting customers.
  2. Companies outsource the recruitment service of IT professionals with Mbc, due to economic and human performance, since they are in charge of making a permanent accompaniment and they are concerned that workers feel happy, well paid and productive. This allows talent to be retained, as the turnover rate for these profiles is quite high.

It is worth remembering that IT solutions for companies are essential for the competitiveness and development of activities, since they impact administration, control, management, automation, interaction with customers, in the creation of new sales channels, communication and relationship. From this derives the importance of hiring outsourcing services that facilitate, help and support management, since they become key strategic allies, not only to advance projects, but also to ensure their effectiveness and competitiveness in the global market.

In this sense, Colombia has a connectivity infrastructure that provides stability, speed in the transmission of information both nationally and globally. Likewise, Colombian IT services, the technical capacity of its engineers and developers have been gaining a place and a worldwide position, due to the ability to generate very complete technological solutions. It is also worth highlighting the positive and purposeful attitude that allows them to easily adapt to other markets and cultures. For this reason, Mbc is committed to the great potential that Colombia has, the talent and professionalism of the people. A plus that many countries are just discovering and that the rest of the planet must find out, because remote work is not the future, but the present of work.

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