“Inspire, believe and create”: the habits of Marcia Morales at Mbc

Talking about Marcia Morales Mejía is inspiring. This 30-year-old professional is the International Business Developer at Mbc Talent It Solutions. She works disciplined in her area and is convinced that not only society is transformed with successful business leaders, but also with people who know how to give testimony. Marcia is confident that people can make positive changes in their environment from the heart.

From very early in the morning she gets up, prays, meditates, exercises 4 times a week and dedicates herself to work remotely. Combine her responsibilities with her personal tasks and invest her time in habits that not only teach her something new, but allow  her to improve as a person.

She is a person with a clear vision of the business and the strategy to promote the growth of an organization at an international level. She checks emails and prepare meetings. She plans the day and the week. She is always readyto work with initiative in new challenges. She believes that life should be a healthy balance between work, family, personal passions and leisure. Hers has always been traveling.

Today we connect our readers and users with the profile of this young visionary, who wherever she may be will promote Colombian IT talent as the most competitive in the world.

How did you start your work journey to get to Mbc?

I studied Marketing and Sales at the Universidad de Manizales. At the end of my degree, I was in Medellín and worked at PROCOLOMBIA in the marketing area; There I was in charge of the international positioning and the foreign fairs that tried, among other things, to tell the stories of our beautiful country. From there, I traveled to Barcelona to study a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Sales Management and shared with a multicultural team from Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan as well as Latinos, with whom I strengthened the topics that I had previously learned. I knew Europe and whenever I had the opportunity I would tell foreigners how wonderful Colombia was. After working with a law firm, I decided to move to San Francisco, United States, and there I linked up with MBC. My approach to Silicon Valley, its culture of innovation and the role of women in technology fascinated me from the first moment.

Do you think that living abroad serves as an input to have better professional and even personal development?

Living aboard opens the mind to many different views of life. You unlearn habits and predispositions of other cultures and you learn to see the way people live, to communicate, to be. It was incredible for me to see how an Apple executive went to work in sandals and a T-shirt and I understood that people with high profiles and graduates of great universities in the world are not what one imagines. With this lesson you become more open and sensible. You know people who don’t look so much, but they have the best positions in the world. I also understood how Colombia can become a center of innovation. In San Francisco, everyone thinks about starting up, innovating, launching a new product and in Colombia there is a lot of potential.

Why were you passionate about working with Mbc?

Mateo Burgos Castillo (CEO & Founder of Mbc IT Talent Solutions) is my personal friend and he told me what he was doing for a couple of years. He had the vision to grow the company and he saw that I had the experience in international markets. The idea was to explore opportunities and I have been fortunate to have personal relationships all over the world, what I most am passionate about is connecting with people and getting to know them as people. The most important thing about this is to identify the places, friends and people to help and ask for help. We both trusted the idea, being friends, honest and transparent allowed us to trust each other and take our friendship to another level.

Is it easy to give up a job stability to bet on a venture?

I initially came to San Francisco to learn about the innovative and entrepreneurial system and to make a personal investment in Silicon Valley. Then the opportunity for something with Mbc was born. It was very challenging, because there was a lot to do. We have done an enormous job, for example, articulating the team to work with the same progressive and futuristic vision. At first it may be not so stable to look for clients, opportunities, business focus, position a company that is not so well known, all of this takes time.

In life you have to persevere and the stories of great companies began with ups and downs. We must doubt express evolutions, because any achievement requires a long journey, learning and a lot of work,

Woman and technology

What do you think is the role of women in the IT sector, traditionally there are more men, but what is their contribution?

The IT sector is very broad and on the subject of Colombian engineers it is common to see more men. There is a misconception that engineering is only programming, when this has enormous potential for women, for example, being in the project management part, the commercial areas, sales, management, order of the teams and the developments.

Women focus on details, we are empathetic and we have the ability to enter into business and conversations to identify business needs and opportunities. There are many opportunities to develop, but the challenge is to acquire technical knowledge to guide this knowledge and take advantage of our intuition to create. Here it is worth inviting women to dare to build a culture of innovation in Colombia, and to demonstrate how, through technology and its ventures, we transform lives. This is also part of the innovation.

And from your role, what has been your most significant contribution to Mbc?

I have helped the company, from my mindset, to always see opportunities, not focus on limitations to grow sustainably and in the long term. Strategic thinking and experience in marketing and business development, seeking alliances in other markets and virtual international business fairs. We open markets not only in the United States with Silicon Valley but in the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Dubai and India, places we never thought to reach. We are a team of friends, who immensely enjoy what we do and we are very passionate, we challenge ourselves all the time to improve both personally and professionally. For my  part I try to contribute my sense of humor, having fun and laughing is something fundamental in life, and I feel that we lack that in the world.

Understanding this, do you think there is a stable professional future with quality of life in remote jobs?

Yes, indisputably I see that it is not the future but the present. In the pandemic, the IT sector has grown and had such a high impact that it transformed life and its quality in terms of remote work. It turned out, despite the fear, the best option to overturn the traditional ways of working. We realized that it saves time and money and it is not necessary to travel to do a business, in addition to sharing time with people located anywhere in the world. This is a model that is no longer a change, and becomes the ‘new normal’, which requires working for goals and not for time sitting in an office, which allows a balance of work life and personal life. It is exciting and is a model that is here to stay.

You are not talking about a future, but about the present of the sector, how is it impacting the world?

I am excited and passionate to see how technology, while it has transformed the way of life, will continue to do so even more. Development and innovation used for the benefit of humanity help us solve the world’s problems, technology will impact many sectors. For example, in health topics such as electrocardiogram analysis, cancer detection with artificial intelligence, it can generate very positive changes in terms of time and opportunity in real-time information. On the environmental issue, issues such as solar panels or electric vehicles will help counteract the effects of climate change.

In the retail sector, for example, virtual reality issues, allow us to have a mix between the real and the virtual, completely changing the user experience. The internet of things will also drastically influence our daily lives. In conclusion, because of the edge that was looked at it is and will be a very positive change

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