How to be assertive when presenting a job interview

A few years ago, going to a job interview with a high level of English or more than three years of experience was almost a guarantee of finding a job. However, today things have changed and recruiters are looking for candidates who have personal qualities that they can bring to the company and who also have a series of technical skills related to the position. 

When you go to a job interview, it is important to know that the interviewer will not only pay attention to what you put on your resume, but also pay attention to how you deal with certain situations or how you solve a problem. For this reason, it is essential that you maintain an appropriate attitude and an honest and coherent speech in which the following personal qualities can be perceived: attitude, communication, time and human resource management, creativity and a series of abilities that are not directly related to objective intelligence or work experience.

  • Time management: It is a crucial skill that many recruiters look for in interviewees. It is very important for those professionals who join performance teams, where they can manage their time, tasks and responsibilities effectively.
  • Integrity and sincerity: Sincerity is a grade, so it is positive to trust the interviewer when we do not have any skills for a certain job. Companies today prefer professionals who are able to recognize their weaknesses, but who are willing to improve and learn.
  • Commitment: Companies positively value that you are a person committed to your work and the company’s corporate values.
  • Involvement: Get actively involved in the company philosophy and culture. Today it is essential to work as a team and be aware that what is positive for the company will be for everyone.
  • Positivism: Having a good attitude and a positive mindset that you can transmit to your classmates will make you score many points.
  • Proactivity: Companies value that you are a person with initiative, determined to take new actions and that they are not afraid to assume responsibilities.
  • Adaptability: It is also important that you know how to adapt to the needs of the environment around you, whether they are external to the market or internal, related to the company itself.             
  • Interest: Recruiters want to see candidates interested in the job and the company. Do your research online and find out about the company before going to the interview so that you are aware of what projects it participates in or what its main social concerns are.             
  • Specialization in new technologies: Nowadays everything or almost everything revolves around the internet and social networks. Showing specific knowledge about the management of these tools will earn you many points in a job interview.             
  • Empathy: Show as a person nearby who cares about everything that is going on to his teammates and is there whenever is needed to lend a hand helps greatly to creating a pleasant working atmosphere, so companies seek professional empathetic to cover their jobs.             

Based on these skills, in a job interview you should not only highlight academic achievements and work experience, it is also important to show personal qualities.

It is also essential that you bring a resume to the job interview updated and adapted to the specifications of the job you aspire to. This previous work to adapt the curriculum, along with the research on the company and the job, must always be done before each job interview to ensure that the following filters are passed.

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