Happiness at work: more than smiles, it is quality of life

Different investigations ensure that feeling happy at work brings benefits both for the health of employees and for the finances of companies. Happiness at work increases people’s performance, commitment and motivation to the point of becoming a strategic advantage. However, it is undeniable that corporations experience stress, burnout and work under pressure. Even in the job of our dreams, there are complex moments that require love for what is done and commitment to overcome them. However, it is important that both collaborators, bosses and entrepreneurs know the scientific data that support the convenience of a culture of happiness, which is none other than one where effort is recognized, decent working conditions are provided and everyone collaborates with others. What does it mean to be happy at work?  We tend to associate happiness at work with very idyllic images: free food, office massages, children daycare services, and gym facilities. And while we would all like these benefits, it is a very limited picture. It really is not a matter of money or luxuries, but the way to achieve the well-being of employees, through a balance in those factors such as work environment, flexible hours, salaries, skill development, personal fulfillment, leadership, training, recognition, social benefits, job stability, offices, resources, well-being and corporate culture. In short, it is the most powerful weapon for companies to attract and retain talent in a job market where salary is no longer a priority, just one more factor. And the fact is that workers can actually feel happy at work if they have their basic needs covered and if they can also develop high-quality relationships with others and feel that their effort has meaning and purpose. Happiness is contagious We want to close with a fact that you already know but that perhaps you have overlooked: happiness is contagious. Have you experienced that  you hear someone laugh and you have an urge to laugh? Happiness affects our relationships up to three degrees of separation. In other words, our happiness affects that of our friends’ friends. And it is the same with people who do not enjoy what they do, that is also contagious. Shawn Anchor, author of the book The Happiness Advantage, has quantified the benefits of a happy company: sales increase by 37%, productivity by 31%, and task accuracy improves by 19%, not to mention improvements in the health and quality of life of the staff. Work happiness is worth betting on. At Mbc we believe that if we all commit ourselves, we can get more companies to join a culture of appreciation. Happiness at work makes us all have a much deeper, more creative and developed professional life.

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