Foreign companies recruit Colombian IT talent

The Colombians where they arrive leave their stamp. It is not in vain when in any part of the world they are called boars, thrown forward and with the aspiration to grow. Well, these virtues and capabilities are attractive to organizations in the IT sector, who look at Colombian talent for a simple reason: they always go one step ahead and propose solutions to problems.

The CEO of Mbc IT Talent Solutions, Mateo Burgos, explained that in our country there is a large amount of human talent ready to connect with companies that are changing the world. “It is incredible to see how we have managed to change people’s lives with our remote work methodology and helped international companies achieve their goals by making the best profiles available for the needs of each project.”

Burgos assures that today the outlook for engineers is more encouraging, starting because ICT-related engineering is now transversal to all areas of an organization, they are no longer an isolated department as was the case in companies previously.

Such is the case, for example, of how technology has permeated aspects of life as simple as electronics in the home, robotics and solutions for the agricultural industry. Likewise, the trend of the internet of things, which leads to everything being connected to the internet, from a microwave oven, a washing machine to a traffic light, all this requires the work of an engineer who became a key and fundamental piece in the Business.

Hiring changes.

Companies are aware that their human teams do not perform for being in an office. Remote work has been shown to offer even better results and possibilities for worker happiness. For this reason, more systems engineers, for example, give up an apparent job stability, stop meeting schedules, to turn to work at home, where they can not only have a quality personal life, but also have time to train in related areas and be trained in a second or third language.

“The United States looks to Colombia for its talent because not only does it have a more affordable workforce, but also because the Colombian likes to have their undergraduate, graduate, and learn in alternative courses, be proactive, in addition to the tasks assigned in their work. It is wonderful to see how they adapt in time zones because their stimulus to work at a distance is to value their contributions and results”: highlights the CEO of Mbc IT Talent Solutions.


In the United States, for example, there is already a company in which all of its employees are teleworkers, 30% are from other parts of the world. This is Gitlab, a startup whose valuation is above 1.000 million dollars. Gitlab’s 789 employees work from home, and both the company and employees benefit from the benefits of working remotely.

The software development company has become the example of how many companies can not only benefit from telecommuting, but from talent that comes from other parts of the world, thanks to mobile technology, high-speed internet access or video calls, taking advantage of applications and tools that make this way of working possible.

It is clear that more and more markets, not only the United States, are set in Colombia, due to its talent, availability, cost and results. The professional and specialized preparation makes it an attractive region where young people and people with more experience meet the needs of foreign organizations that bet on quality work and with demonstrable results.

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