Flying Ideas, Planning Dreams and Landing Goals: Lina Gómez, Mbc Business Development Executive

The world was too small for Lina Gómez. This young professional in Industrial Design is Mbc’s business development executive, she has lived in countries located from one extreme to another. Even so, she returned to Colombia to apply what she had learned.

She traveled to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to learn English, there she worked as a volunteer, participated in courses to get along in public and did social work that marked her life.

She returned to Colombia, created a plant company and in 2016 her illusion of travel took her to China: she studied Mandarin and also worked in the Asian country as an English teacher for a year and a half teaching young children.

Many destinations, but her land each time brought her closer to the same destination: Colombia. Today we will know how a nomad became interested in working in the IT sector and how her story resembles that of young people who unknowingly land in an unthinkable place, where they learn, grow and expand.

How did Lina land on the Mbc project?

I have known Mbc since it started, thanks to my best friend working there, I got to know its approach, its vision and its ideals. I decided to join the team because several things motivated me. The first because I knew the people with whom I was going to work, and the second because of the type of project and ideas that Mbc has. I am one of those who consider future projects, and I saw that this company has the vision to go one step further and everything I heard at the beginning became real and achievable goals.

The functions of my position are as such the interaction with clients, people with whom we could work in the future, I tell them what Mbc can offer them for their business growth and I also talk about that human part that we are as a company .

Lina, were you afraid of leaving your comfort zone to bet on a venture?

I think it will never be easy to give up the things that make you comfortable and stable. I am a person who likes challenges and who likes to feel comfortable in the place where iam and also to belong to that environment so that was one of the decisions by which I accepted the risk of launching myself together with Mbc and with all the team guys.

Women have taken more and more prominence in this sector, do you think there are more and more opportunities for them?

The role of women in this area of the IT sector is similar or equal to that of men. I feel that it is obviously more dominated by them, but the female gender has shown little by little that they have the same capacities and abilities as men to develop. In my role I have come across several women who have support groups promoting systems engineering in this market that is currently dominated by men.

There is a lot of talk about the importance of knowing a second and even a third language, why is it so important?

Knowing a second language is vital. In most cases, the ideal is to master English, because it is a language that allows you to communicate anywhere in the world. It is an advantage because you open many doors and lower many barriers by being able to interact with people from different cultures, countries and ways of thinking.

And what about women who refuse to study engineering, do you think they can find a stable and happy professional development?

Any woman can find a stable and happy professional development, it is not really the career, it is the attitude that is put to life in situations and what one faces on a daily basis.


Do you think that remote jobs do offer quality of life and make people happy?

I believe that it is always possible when people who apply remote work to their lives are aware of the importance of dedicating time to valuable things such as family, hobbies, food, and sport. I believe that a good use of time and daily activities are the success of well-managed telework and therefore provide a quality of life for anyone.

Do you mean that this may be the model of the work of the future or of the present with what is happening with the pandemic?

Totally. I feel that it will predominate but it will always be essential to promote moments where there is interaction and where there is that human contact that does not let us forget that a screen or a device cannot cover all the experiences of our life.

How do you see the future of this sector, can it dominate the world in a few years?

I believe that the technological aspect is one of the most relevant elements in our era and its evolution has not been slow, I feel that it is something that is growing by leaps and bounds where many doors are opening and many opportunities that if used well can provide support and solve many things that currently have not been possible.

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