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Where can I find software engineers?

At Mbc you’ll find Software engineers with all the requirements that you are looking of in your vacant. They’ll adjust at your profiles, experience level and necessities of your company.

Why choose engineering offshore outsourcing?

By Choosing engineering offshore you’ll have many benefits, such as: Prices can be 50% less than what you pay in your country, you’ll work with experts and also have a team trained in talent human for the welfare of your new engineer, working in your same time zone.

How do I start a process with Mbc to get the engineer I need?

It’s an easy process, to start we’ll have a videoconference, then you’ll send all the requirements of the profile that you are in need and we’ll send you all de CV’s of the candidates that match with your profile.

I need more people to support my engineering team. How long this process will take with Mbc?

After giving us your requirements, it will take us 3-4 weeks to show you the best options for you. We are always looking to assure you the best candidate.

How will we carry out the selection process to hire the new engineer?

After sending you the best options, you will evaluate the candidates and choose the best.

What is the cost of the personnel selection process with Mbc?

The selection process has no cost. Mbc will take care of this process.

What is the international work methodology?

Our team works remotely, we work from home full time for your company.

What will be the working hours of our engineers?

We’ll adjust at your time zone and work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

What professional profiles can I have with Mbc?

Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Big Data, Cloud, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Testing, UX / UI Design, among others.

Why work with Mbc?

We ensure that our engineers are comfortable. Our team of human talent will always be working to make them happy in their work, in this way we reduce staff turnover and your project will be completed in a great way at low cost.


What do I have to do to get a job with Mbc?

Send us your resume and always keep an eye on our job offers through our web page and social media.

Why work with Mbc?

At Mbc you will find job stability, excellent remuneration and you also the opportunity to work from home, We are always looking to offer you a better quality of life.

What experience and knowledge are you looking for in Mbc people?

We are looking for experts in Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Big Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Testing, UX / UI Design.

How can I contact Mbc to send my resume?

You can send us an email to or text us on WhatsApp: +57 320 452 5300

How do I send my resume to be considered by Mbc?

Send us an email and put on the subject your brief profile, then in the main part write a short text of your experience and attach your resume in English and Spanish just one(1) page each of them.

What could a selection process be like with Mbc?

First we’ll contact you, then we make between 3 and 4 virtual tests, and if you’re selected we make an engagement agreement and tell you more about the offer.

What does Mbc guarantee me?

We guarantee quality of life for you and your family.

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