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Jun 13, 2020

Dear reader, it is a pleasure for our team to welcome you to this blog of, a space dedicated to learning, through texts, about the opportunities offered by the Information Technology sector.

Here you will not only find useful articles on how to make, for example, a good resume; tips for working from home or a route for Mbc clients to request their recruitment service, but our CEO and founder, Mateo Burgos Castillo, will have a weekly voice on facts or experiences around technology, the world of work or the importance of training in certain IT areas.

We want that you find in each article information that gives you an idea and a route about what you plan to do or even if it is already in development, run it in a better way. We remind you that we start with practical and real data, which is one hundred percent closer to the real world of work and allow making decisions to improve your curriculum or to know in which professional fields are there more job vacancies.

We value you

We are aware that every time companies, especially from abroad, value Colombian human talent and our goal is for those who are trained as systems engineers to know the multiple possibilities that open up in a labor world that does not distinguish race, time zone and even language.

The digital age is a reality for us and what went from being exclusive to a small sector of the world population turned out to be a general model. Remote working is a habit that companies have adopted and we want more international clients to see the great possibilities they have if they hire our staff.

It is very pleasant for us that you share your doubts, questions or perhaps we will make a feedback of what you would like to find in this space. This dream that started in 2012 begins today with a website that aims to grow in users, but also in partners and friends who recommend Mbc to work. We trust that these tools will help you form a criterion for why the careers associated with technology are the present and the future of a ‘smart society’.

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