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Ago 19, 2021

Since the creation of Mbc in 2008, our most important pillar is human resources, which is in line with our business DNA and with our mission, which focuses on connecting human talent with international companies, prioritizing quality of life. Thus, not only are stable solutions provided for the growth of customers, but parallel to this, engineers meet their personal and professional goals.

How do we do that?

Most employees agree that the ideal job not only has to do with the place where you work or a good salary, there are also different factors that allow development, stability and even happiness at work.

At Mbc, for example, we provide emotional salary, a fundamental aspect that is related to quality of life, job stability and low staff turnover in teams.

Flexibility, schedules, the possibility to grow, train, and receive a fair remuneration, and even better than what is aspired, become the business pillars that make engineers to continue working with us for 7 or more years.

The remote work model also privileges those who can develop different tasks from home connected with companies from anywhere in the world such as: United States, Arab Emirates, China, Spain, among others, references so that engineers can have a stable job from the comfort of their homes.

Why to look at Mbc?

Finding a company that recruits talent can be seemingly easy. However, we obtain human talent in the shortest possible time and we hire capable and trained engineers to start a project immediately, with adaptability capabilities.

Another of our advantages is the veracity in the contracts. At Mbc we take care of the entire contractual part and fully comply with the Government’s requirements; In this way, the engineer will be able to have stability in his work and the result will be a quality performance with excellent results.

In conclusion, you will notice in your company that there is not only a professional suitable for a specific project. Behind this, at Mbc we carry out accompaniment in psychology, pedagogy, closeness, dialogue, interaction with teams that translates into productive, proactive and resilient groups. We are the future of work.

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