Artificial intelligence: business productivity

Jul 21, 2021

It is true that AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the business world continues to make significant advances. More and more organizations are joining the transformation, integrating solutions that bring them great benefits internally and externally, help to generate higher income, parallel to this they improve their productivity.

Thanks to the use of AI-based applications, it is possible to generate better user experiences, improve customer service, collect and analyze data, create personalized products, among others.

In fact, there are already a wide variety of AI applications that are being used in the business sector. For example, thanks to it, workers can delegate routine tasks and be more productive in their main tasks. This generates an enrichment of capital and of work itself.


By accelerating new product development, Artificial Intelligence helps drive innovation, eliminate repeated costs, and generate new revenue streams to increase profitability. Likewise, it allows to extract business insights for making strategic decisions based on data. It drives new business models and personalized impressions are obtained from consumers to create better experiences.

Likewise, we can also see Artificial Intelligence in different fields. We have the case of voice recognition, where assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant have gained great prominence, currently we can dictate short texts so that they are the ones who write them in different apps. The accuracy and efficiency of these tools are such that, according to a Stanford University study, speech recognition is three times faster than typing, on average.

Data-driven decision making

Another use of this model and perhaps one of the most important, lies in security. Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to more easily detect, and in many cases even prevent and impede, threats to the the cybersecurity of companies.

In terms of productivity and organization, AI can schedule conferences, schedule trips and, thanks to its analytical capabilities, help with decision-making and other activities that help companies improve their administrative processes in general.

Without a doubt, AI starts from a concept that has evolved over time, and that has to do with the idea of building machines capable of thinking like human beings. However, all kinds of companies in the industrial and service sectors use AI applications to achieve precise objectives due to their ability to transform data into useful and valuable information.

All these applications that incorporate advanced and predictive analysis, together with the use of scientific paradigms and neuroimaging technology are capable of obtaining information from the brain in milliseconds, millimeters and different frequencies of neurons, present decisive recommendations to guide business decisions. If this is not the future, then what do you think the course would be?

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