Empathy and sympathy is also evaluated in a job interview

Dark or light clothing? Digital or printed resume? Expressive or diplomatic language? All these questions come to our heads when we are going to present ourselves for a job interview, but have you asked yourself, what is the best attitude I should have at this decisive moment to stay with this position?

When looking at the interviewer’s face, it is not only important that your treatment is kind, here generating chemistry and empathy is decisive, since there is only one moment to make the best of impressions and it is not only important to meet the requirements of the position – the experience and knowledge that were requested in the vacancy-, but with personal attitudes that are increasingly relevant when choosing the ideal candidate.

A blind date Recruiters dominate interviews like a blind date, that is, the first few minutes are decisive and relevant to leave a good feeling and an impression on the interviewer. Here it is vital that you show your enthusiasm, positive attitude and desire to stay in the position, and it is vital that you always look them in the eye and declare that you already feel part of the company. It is important to smile, without exaggerating the expressions, if the interview is face-to-face, greet with a good handshake and assume an upright posture, but not tense, since this also speaks of fluency and non-verbal language. At Mbc we give you 6 key recommendations, when presenting yourself for a job interview:

1.Attitude: Attitude, motivation, passion and enthusiasm are essential, in many cases it is valued above other requirements, although it implies a higher training cost.

The correct attitude is valued as a driver that favors the effort to develop tasks / projects, endure stress, join a work team, a predisposition to learn to assume more responsibilities, etc.

2.Open hands: Hands should be within sight of the interviewer. Use your arms to support and reinforce what you say, but watch out for exaggerated gestures. If you move too much you can transmit or cause nervousness. Also be careful with the movement of the feet and legs, sometimes it is unconscious and can betray you.

3. Look the interviewer in the eye: With this you convey confidence and security.

4. Speak clearly concisely and without hesitation: Beware of speaking too fast. It is best to take it easy, think through each answer and try to get to the point, without getting too lost in details or rambling.

5. Use simple and positive language: in a simple and positive way. Don’t use overly technical language, especially if the person interviewing you is from human resources or a temp agency. That anyone can understand you, even if they are not an expert in your sector. Don’t say you’re nervous or need the job, or talk about your weaknesses or weaknesses. One last word of advice on language: don’t criticize companies where you’ve previously worked or other professionals. It says very little about you. Words like “no”, “hate” or “never” are not recommended in an interview.

6. Be honest, do not lie: In an interview you should not pretend what you are not. If they are asking you about something that you do not know or they are asking you for an experience that you do not have, it is okay to admit it, but always with a positive attitude: be open and eager to continue learning. For example, imagine that you are a Community Manager and they ask you if you have the official Google Analytics certification. If you are really interested in the job, you should say something like “I haven’t gotten my certificate yet but I already had it in mind. I am very interested in learning more about analytics and continuing to improve.

With these simple steps, in addition to personal presentation, punctuality and a short and concise resume, you can take advantage of other candidates. Your security and confidence speak a lot about you, even if the interview is virtual.

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