Duality: A lot of work, few engineers to fill the vacancies

Colombia hopes that the 2020 will have become the year of the definitive transformation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in which there are not only people interested in studying in these careers but also qualified personnel.

This growing need for more students is due to a greater extent to the super offer in vacancies that this sector offers with the arrival of the pandemic, since the projects associated with new technologies, the internet of things and artificial intelligence have grown in order to solve the daily life of people who do everything from their computers and mobile devices.

From this perspective, according to the Ministry of Education, next year some 20,000 more engineers will be required. A figure that already represents a large gap, with respect to the country’s annual graduates in the sector, which on average are 1,000


According to John William Branch, president of the Colombian Association of Engineering Faculties (Acofi), despite the fact that the ICT sector is the one with the greatest demand at this time, it already presents a deficit of 50% among graduates compared to the number of jobs that there are.

Based on a report published by the newspaper EL TIEMPO, in the country there is a deficit of 80,000 computer engineers and although the number of job offers for this type of professionals abound, those who study this career are too few to meet current needs.

Another worrying fact is that out of every 10 university students, only 3 study some type of engineering, and of these only 1 has competencies and skills related to data analytics, machine learning, programming and code, considered by experts as vital in the business world .

Under this contradictory panorama, where there is employment, but few professionals, the alternative will be to encourage more students and people to train in the IT sector, since it is a field where labor flexibility and remuneration stand out. In addition, due to the shortage of specialized labor, it is driving wages to rise in the sector.

Finally, a powerful idea that is gaining acceptance is that professionals in other fields are able to “reconvert”. An accountant, with a good mathematical background and few job opportunities, could jump into programming after some courses in computer languages, highly required by the industry. They win and of course the companies win.

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