Do you know the most requested programming languages and tools in technology?

There are currently more than 200 programming languages, some of which have become more demanded by technology companies due to their ease of use, functionalities, or updates.

Companies such as TIOBE and Devjobscanner have carried out several studies on which languages and skills will be most demanded in the coming years, and some of them are:


Agile methodologies have been developed in an iterative cycle, which means that this kind of software not only stands out for the constant revision and updating of codes but also for the collaboration between different programmers promoting performance and teamwork. 

The mastery of this software has become highly demanded in the programming languages market due to its ability to answer the needs of the projects in real time and evolve over time. 

Open Finance

Open Finance is a methodology based on exchanging information that allows consumers to share their financial data. All this is achieved through APIs whose processes are standardized and connected between different banking entities.

With globalization, this type of service has become essential for companies seeking to revolutionize financial technology and improve international practices.


Front-end is a compendium of programming languages whose purpose is to improve the visual or aesthetic experience that a user of a website has. This type of work will always be in demand since millions of web pages arise daily in the world and need a specialist in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript who can improve the presentation of it at your convenience.


Amazon has powered this tool, a must-have for any application developer. AWS has been designed to simplify all the processes of hosting an APP. 

But it will not only allow us to host the application from the beginning of it, but it will also allow us to develop it, being able to choose between operating systems, programming languages, web application platforms, and more.


The Azure service offers more than 200 products hosted in the cloud. Some of them work to develop artificial intelligence, data analysis, app development, the internet of things, and hybrid infrastructures. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the most demanded tools in the technology sector. It has several languages in a single service! 

It should be noted that other programming languages and tools are widely used in the world of digital technology. However, those mentioned above are the main ones. Do you know any different essential programming languages or tools?


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