Demand for remote software developers grows

With the pandemic, there has been talk of the negative effects on the economy, health, society and even countries, but it is enough to see how with Covid 19, the boom in digital commerce – which was already on the rise – took a historical leap that experts believe will hardly go back to pre-calamity levels when a vaccine appears.

It’s enough to look at how technological developments have impacted people’s lives. The case of telemedicine, cell phone banks, home deliveries, internet sales of goods or services are just one of the advances that conquered the world.

But today it is up to us to speak, also of the demand for professionals to work remotely, especially software developers, who become the key pieces in the development of the aforementioned examples.

In the United States, it is expected that in five years 1.4 million jobs in technology will be required and there are only 400 thousand people to fill them, a deficit of 1,000,000 jobs. This is a fairly high figure available, free, uncovered, and which Colombian professionals can use and take advantage of to connect with world-renowned technology brands.

The concern then centers on the fact that many companies do not find the necessary qualified human resources in their country and that is why they must go to others where there are people looking for a remote, well-paid job with quality of life. At Mbc, we connect organizations around the world with high-quality Colombian talent, and we recognize that, although this process is time consuming, the firm recruits specific personnel for each area. It is not a new invention; we have done this work for six years and we have reinforced the mission and the vision.

To study

A study entitled “Colombian professionals in the XXICentury” carried out by the Observatory of the Labor Market and Social Security of the Externado de Colombia University, mentions that Systems Engineering stands within the 10 most profitable careers that the country has at the moment, according to the demand made by companies for professionals in this area of knowledge.

But beyond the profitability of the career, the important thing is to understand the impact and importance that these professionals have not only in the country but in the world. At work, systems and software engineers have almost a guaranteed job, with successful and stable remuneration. The invitation is for you to register your resume at and check the job offers that are published, also on social networks. Encouraging the formation of human capital specialized in the use of information technologies will always be the need of countries that look beyond their development.

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