Cybersecurity: priority for companies to protect their data.

The co-founder of the software company Microsoft, Bill Gates, is not wrong when saying: “If your business is not on the internet, your business does not exist”, with this he wanted to express that consumers expect to find the brand or product of their choice , a quality service, optimal and above all, safe.

According to a study published by the company Valora Data, around 30% of the world’s population is present on the web daily. This represents almost 3 billion people constantly interacting. For this reason, for any company and project it must be of first necessity to be present in the digital world, but in a safe and responsible way.

And it is at this point where the question should arise, does your company periodically perform cybersecurity audits? Regardless of your job, it is mandatory that this process be carried out every 6 months, to know the assets that must be protected and there are experts dedicated to doing it in the best way.

Why protect?

It is undeniable that in the digital world it houses an infinite amount of sensitive information such as personal data, credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, among others, which are susceptible to being hacked.

For this reason, cybersecurity is so important here, since users and servers must keep all this information completely safe from the sight and interference of outsiders. Although it is impossible for systems or companies not to be hacked, the risks in the network can be reduced by a high percentage and there are teams that specialize in periodically monitoring and strengthening the systems to prevent these attacks.

It should be noted that most of these attacks are carried out deliberately and maliciously by hackers, cyber criminals, or people searching for confidential data. But, according to experts, around 17% of these cases have been done innocently, that is, they were the product of a programming error or unintentional actions.

Corporate responsibility

Organizations must think not only about the information they have about their operations, data, passwords, emails, but also about projects, ideas and even balance sheets that need to have a high degree of confidentiality. This is the main reason why it is worth investing in a good cyber security and backup company, as it should be an exercise at least twice a year to monitor possible attacks.

In Mbc, for example, audits have been carried out for companies in the United States, Canada, Japan and Spain, and in general they have understood that this issue has become an essential pillar in the daily operation of their goods or services connected to the network.

In conclusion, investing in cybersecurity should be first on the list of tasks and the action plan of the website of a company or even a startup, in order to avoid the attack of data and that of its clients. Remember that to carry out these audits you must have the help and experience of professionals in the area of cybersecurity, who with their knowledge and updates on the subject can correctly and effectively apply the concepts of computer security.

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