Cybersecurity: digital protection at all levels

At present, cybersecurity is a widely used term, which can be associated with other words such as cyberspace, cyber threats, cybercriminals or other concepts and although it can sometimes be used as a synonym for information security or computer security, its approach is broader than what is believed.

According to Juan Jacobo Tibaquirá, a systems and telecommunications engineer for more than 15 years, a consultant at Mbc in computer security. Cybersecurity is a transversal discipline in the world of technology, development, use and application, which is present in all technological processes.

“If you develop protocols, apps, websites or solutions for the internet of things, as well as the administration of data networks or databases, because we unfailingly want the product not only to be fluid for the user, but also people’s information is protected and is not used as an attack platform against others”, said the systems engineer.

The Mbc consultant added that the purpose of security in all its fields of application is to reduce risks to a level that is acceptable to those interested in mitigating latent threats, because until now there is no way to create “invulnerable” systems.


While it is true, cybersecurity is no longer an element that runs parallel to the creation, development or application of a product or service, but is already part of the planning and construction process of the idea. For companies, not only is it enough to create useful goods or services, but also insurance.

“Today we see how security is also applied in artificial intelligence, both offensively and defensively. Also, the subject of smart cities, crop data, traffic lights and mobility have data that must be protected. Another quite striking issue is one hundred percent online banks, in which transactions are digital and which require data and password protection at a very rigorous level,” explained Juan Jacobo Tibaquirá.

The dangers of the digital world 

The term cybercrime is very broad and is often related, like Internet security, to crime or crime on the Internet. Cybercrime refers to the illegal access to private, personal or sensitive data. These can be stolen over the Internet from both a corporate network and the credit cards of people who do not suspect the presence of criminals with the help of various technical means.

Computer fraud, espionage and data theft, the preparation of this type of conduct and sabotage are associated with other types of related offenses such as cybercrime. In a broader sense, one can also talk about phishing methods in the field of online banking, DDoS attacks and the creation and dissemination of programs that are used for illegal purposes in the field of computer crime. 

Although no system is impossible to hack, technology providers speak of risks that put the company’s reputation at risk, loss of information, product instability, personal data leaks, and with the legislation that many countries have developed, run the risk of facing legal claims for data protection.

However, the risk is not only run by companies, but users must pay special attention to the care of passwords, protection of social networks, malicious emails that try to steal personal data, bank transactions, online purchases, and even know how, when and where to use debit and credit cards, which are the most insecure scenarios and require the most protection.

The present and the future

Cybersecurity is an increasingly relevant issue in the lives of people and businesses. In fact, the quarantined situation where teleworking spread throughout the world, has caused the acceleration of its application. Digital security is very important for digital business. It is about mitigating the risks that any business on the network may have and not only serves to prevent but also to give confidence to customers. In addition, it helps the market to reduce the risk of user and system exposure.

According to the system and telecommunications engineer consulted, the cybersecurity profile is one of the most sought after, because the data during the time of coronavirus has triggered expectations. Technology is the sector that has created the most jobs in the midst of the pandemic, according to the report by technology companies and therefore its importance that is gaining momentum at a time when the world is connected by technology.

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