Colombia has expert resources in data science

Scientific data is a profession that companies are increasingly demanding, especially in times of digital transformation.

In fact, it is expected for this year, that the international demand for experts in Big Data and Digital Analytics will increase by about 28%, that is, about 700 thousand new available vacancies are expected, according to the study “The Quant Crunch ”, developed by IBM.

Therefore, it is imperative that companies know the importance and value of this discipline, since data scientists are necessary to lead organizations towards deep, machine learning and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this profession will see an increase in applications around the world and in Colombia more and more trained and strengthened human resources are being formed in this matter.


Data scientists are essential to generate better analytics and predictive models, therefore it is necessary to have different perspectives that generate real benefits for companies. While it is true that technology continues to produce unprecedented advancements at a rapid rate, digital transformation can only deliver its full potential if we harness the power of the data it brings.

Data science will be essential in companies to detect complex business problems with the help of machine learning, such as operations research difficulties, not in vain these professionals experts in the field can play the role of analysts and data manager, reporting on the industry changes, internal resource expenditures, profit expectations, and other variables.

In addition, they can set more informed goals, so with a little time, the daily management of the company will eliminate ineffective bottlenecks in the workflow and improve the performance of the business model.

Key Resources

Mbc IT  Talent Solutions experts point out that today 90% of business leaders cite data as a key input and fundamental distinguishing factor for organizations, as well as resources such as labor and human capital.

For this reason, it is crucial that companies that want to execute a project based on Artificial Intelligence have a data scientist on the team to customize algorithms, explore the information to the maximum and make decisions based on these.

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