Artificial intelligence: business productivity

It is true that AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the business world continues to make significant advances. More and more organizations are joining the transformation, integrating solutions that bring them great benefits internally and externally, help to generate higher income, parallel to this they improve their productivity.

The most requested profiles in Silicon Valley

Working in Silicon Valley is the dream of many young people and professionals, who aspire to one of the occupations and opportunities offered by famous technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Silicon Valley is the name given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern California, United States. […]

The importance of Cybersecurity in 2021

“As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on global health, the economy, politics and social systems, another threat that has gone unnoticed in the digital space becomes visible: the risk of cyberattacks that are hunting our growing dependence in digital tools and what makes it uncertain is a crisis that will have no end”. This […]

Colombia has expert resources in data science

Scientific data is a profession that companies are increasingly demanding, especially in times of digital transformation. In fact, it is expected for this year, that the international demand for experts in Big Data and Digital Analytics will increase by about 28%, that is, about 700 thousand new available vacancies are expected, according to the study […]