At Mbc we have experts in UX / UI

When a company thinks of developing an application, the first thing that comes to mind is the style, the design of the app icon and variables to attract customers. However, these processes require more complex methods, such as the importance of usability and user experience when designing the mobile app, which are necessary to respond to the needs of UX and UI.

At Mbc we have engineers in charge of designing and creating each of the elements of mobile applications and systems, efficient, agile and easy to use to take advantage of their value.

Next we will give the reasons for the importance for US companies to have trained professionals, with strengths not only to integrate design functions but also usability. 

UI / User Interface: This acronym refers to the user interface in an application. Therefore, in the UI design process, the most graphic part of the project is defined, where the layout and look and feel of the application are detailed. If a company wants to start with this process, it must go to a web designer, specialized in the graphic part. They will handle research, branding, animations and transitions, as well as mobile-friendly design (RWD).

UX / User Experience: The engineer in charge of the User Experience, is in charge of identifying the key client, target users. Also, the needs and motivations of the same. Some of the responsibilities of the UX designer are: analysis of the client and its competition in the digital environment, analysis of the current product and its strategy, wireframing and product prototype, planning for product development, interaction analysis, development planning and usability testing. At this point, the function of the engineer is not so close to design, but more to strategic development that are aligned with the client’s objectives and with analytics on it.


Understanding the roles and functions of each professional, it is necessary that both aesthetics and design go hand in hand with a useful experience that highlights the value of the product or service

Aware of the international market demand, specifically in the United States, at Mbc, we have profiles that respond precisely to this type of need. When a company hires personnel trained in these requests, it minimizes delivery time, improves communication between design and development, in addition to analyzing the possibilities of errors that a conventional user would not see with the naked eye. In conclusion, forming a team with successful roles will ensure the result and success of the project.

If you are interested in recruiting remotely, at competitive prices and in the same time zone as the United States, you can write to us at and leave your request. Our team will connect you with the professional that best suits your needs.

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