Acclaimed Colombian Data Scientists at International Companies

The evolution of new technologies and the Big Data industry has generated new professions that require workers with skills in various fields. At Mbc, thanks to our experience and work in this area, we have identified that one of the most attractive professional profiles in recent years is the Colombian Data Scientist or Data Scientist, who has become a key piece in international teams.

To get down to business, data scientists translate the large volumes of available information known as Big Data and turn them into answers. For example, to find out when is the best time to buy a plane ticket, predict the tastes of users and show them the best option or discover if a person may be at risk of suffering from a disease.

Despite the relevance of this type of professionals, only in Mexico is this career offered professionally. According to data from the technology company IBM, 1.5 million data scientists are needed in the US alone who do not exist at the moment and are not even in the process of training.

“Knowing this reality, data scientists are a very limited resource and very well paid and therefore the need for more people to be professionally trained,” explained Leonardo González, director of IBM’s Latinamerican Hybrid Cloud, for a radio interview.

Why do they request them? Colombia is a cradle of great talents and international companies have confirmed this for years. At Mbc we highlight that CEOs of IT companies recognize that Colombian data scientists are creative, work as a team, communicate their ideas and have vision and projection of goals translated into results. Regarding the technical capacities, their computer, mathematical and statistical knowledge is distinguished, which supports the creation of code, hypotheses, comparison of models and probabilities, in addition to solving calculation problems.


Big data is a real phenomenon and it is growing exponentially. However, according to projections of large companies, by approximately 2023 the adoption of data analytics technologies will be a large-scale issue, and its impact will reach companies, first at the labor level and then economically.

For this reason, the World Economic Forum explains the reasons for this global change and the obligation to have a data scientist in the teams: the arrival of 5G, the use of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

In short, this is a new reality that the world will have to live and data scientists will be responsible for changing business models or discovering opportunities to generate more money efficiently, based on the data of the clients of any company.

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