A guy from Manizales who bet on IT talent to export it

“Dreams are not fulfilled overnight, you have to work with perseverance to make them come true. This takes years and much effort.” This is how Mateo Burgos Castillo, CEO of Mbc, describes the start of his company.

When 24 years old, this professional in national and international Marketing and specialist in Marketing and Sales Management, believed in himself. His aspirations led him to create a firm dedicated to outsourcing software engineers in Colombia, which provides IT Talent solutions for international companies. Since 2014 his projects grow and the idea is to expand not only in North America but in Europe.

He works 24-7 on a schedule that is parallel to the international one. He trusts Colombian and young talent, but he would like more women to study software engineering, because it is a job that fits between work and family life. He stresses that this is an inclusive job and with quality of life.

This is his story.

How did you start the life project called Mbc?

Before thinking about Mbc I was already creating some digital projects. I never liked being an employee and after trying it during my university practice and just after graduating, I created a brand to recruit IT talent and connect it with international companies. My dream has always been to establish an alliance with Silicon Valley, I continue working on it, because the most recognized global brands such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Apple, among others are in California.

Did you see that dream very far from being fulfilled?

I always knew I was going to make it. I envisioned myself in that project. Obviously, it is not an idea that materializes overnight. It costs late nights, losses and frustrations, but with perseverance, work and dedication you can make it. And this is a path that we are just beginning to walk.

And what does it take to carry it out?

It must be clear that a project, whatever it may be, does not only need investment. Although having the idea of undertaking is already an advanced path, because it is quite difficult to make the leap from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, the second half is missing: the stage of more work and effort. And since the results are not overnight, many people give up their ideas and return to an apparently safer comfort zone. I always think that there are two routes: the easy and the difficult. The first is to seek sponsorship, support and endorsements. And the difficult path, the one I chose, where I began to identify the talent on my own, to recruit it and connect it with the outside world.

Why would you work at Mbc?

Engineers and software developers find job stability and happiness in this company. It is paradoxical, because many enter with fear, because it is difficult to make the transition between an apparently “stable” job to go to work for goals and projects from the comfort of home. Undoubtedly, remote work is better paid and provides a better quality of life.

What advantages does working with foreign companies have for a Colombian?

A schedule is respected. There they know that the staff works only Monday through Friday and 8 hours a day. For them, their human resources must rest and have quality time to study and train in their field of action. It is a really peaceful work, because it is evaluated by goals.

Why is it so attractive to hire Colombian talent?

In Colombia there are excellent professionals who are fluent in English and are very friendly to their work teams. It is not a myth that us Colombians go a step further, we propose and we are ready for everything and in the field of software engineering companies seek human talent with initiative and creativity.

Another of the great advantages is that we work within the same time zone as the United States and that facilitates work processes. Furthermore, according to the ranking (IMD 2014), our country offers a more qualified workforce when compared to other regions in South America and this makes us a more competitive area compared to the others.

To be highlighted, we have developers located in cities such as Manizales, Pereira, Medellín Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga, even Venezuelan engineers. All regions are welcome.

Which is more valuable for companies, experience or degrees?

We analyze that the person is knowledgeable and has how to demonstrate it. Diplomas don’t do much good. We make sure that the resume is short and concise, that they have experience in projects. This is generally a job for young people, ranging from 29 to 45 years. Not only professionals, but also technicians, technologists or self-taught professionals with great capabilities for software engineering apply and are accepted.

And what about inclusion, do they apply it?

Everyone is welcome to our company, we don’t care about their condition. Here we are interested in working with passion, and if they work happily you will see the results. Regarding women, it is important to note that there are not many dedicated to software development, but many clients ask to have them on their teams.

Do you think the present and future of the world is in software development?

The world is on the internet and so there are a number of systems engineers who are preparing to meet the needs of customers. There is a great number of possibilities. An engineer can deal with whatever he imagines, because we exist to fulfill the follies of clients. There are backend, frontend, cloud storage, database, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, application testing projects, among others. They can even be dedicated to being project managers or IT talent selection.

Mateo Burgos, CEO and Founder of Mbc, agrees with the thinking of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg: “People don’t care what you say but what you build. “This entrepreneur works with all his effort and that of his team to see his organization grow. He acknowledges that it is very easy to fail in ventures while aiming for small goals, but once you think big, it is almost unlikely that the idea will not be successful.

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