6 reasons to bet on Colombian talent

Colombia climbed six places on the Global Talent Scale that is drawn up each year by the Institute for the Development of Administration (IMD) in Switzerland. IMD research assesses the degree to which economies develop talent, invest in it, attract it, and retain it by offering job opportunities with quality of life.

Colombia went from 60th place, where it was in 2019, to 54th place this year, in a classification in which 63 countries are observed.

The strongest aspects in our country are the growth of the labor force, because the country has a young and productive population and also the cost of living index and the knowledge put at the service of companies are aspects that attract attention.

It should be noted that although Colombian professionals are increasingly striking and competitive, they still need to prepare better. “The Colombian professional has high potential, but must improve in matters such as a second language. This is a priority for foreign companies”, stated Mateo Burgos, CEO & Founder MBC Talent Solutions.

He also clarified that even though organizations outsource the search for talent, this does not mean that the levels of demand are low. In fact, the task is delegated to specialized firms, because the preparation of candidates for employment is complex and only professionals with the best profiles, who help solve problems and bring technological solutions, through their knowledge pass

For this reason, he specified that it is important to prepare a profile that highlights a specialization or differential training in specific areas, for example engineering, since this gives support to the expertise in a certain labor field.

Specialized profiles

It is evident that the increasingly demanding market leads companies to demand new skills from their employees that help them obtain better results more efficiently, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of their businesses. The sum of these skills, together with the specific training, make up the perfect candidate that organizations request. Take into account the aspects that foreign companies look for when hiring Colombian personnel.

1. Languages: The companies coincide. In a globalized world, with multinational companies, agreements between companies from different countries, knowledge of languages becomes the key that opens the door to positions in companies that grow the most. Speaking English is no longer an added value, but instead customers take it for granted that professionals master it.

2. Ability to adapt: allows a better integration and relationship of work teams, clients and suppliers. High tolerance to changes and quick adaptation to them is a highly desired virtue by entrepreneurs.

3.Multifaceted: An employee with skills in different fields and who can perform jobs in various positions and cover more phases within the production process.

4. Proactivity: clients value and look for staff with initiative in developing creative projects and assuming their responsibilities. Always with a signature of positivism.

5. Innovation. Research and Development oriented profiles are in high demand in the industrial and technological sector where innovation is a determining factor for growth.

6. Interpersonal skills: they are necessary to maintain a positive organizational climate, fluent communication and a high level of teamwork. Attitude, purposeful ideas, proactivity and resourcefulness are essential skills to function in the work environment.

Remember that today the IT sector is one of the groups that has exploded the most due to the pandemic, which is why many companies are in search of talents that allow them to improve their processes and have multidisciplinary teams to address the current situation.

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