10 tips for working from home

Teleworking is a modality that is gaining more and more strength in companies. This work practice benefits workers seeking a balance between their professional and personal tasks, in addition to taking advantage of new technologies.

However, working from home involves a daily routine and discipline, because it is not only necessary to have a calm environment to concentrate, but also to manage your time in the best possible way. But, how can we do this? Here are these recommendations to achieve it!

1. Start early. Always get connected at the same time every day. When working from home, it is advisable to get down to work as soon as the person gets up. Always remember to take a bath and wear comfortable clothes, which will make the difference with a leisure day.

2. Assign a space according to the function to be performed. A desk with a reclining chair, with a good back, good lighting and internet, will make your mind go into work mode. Do not think of it as an investment for the company, it is something for you and for your health.

3. Communication inside the house. Post your schedules in a visible place. Let people you live with know that even if you are at home, you don’t have time to do household chores.

4. Respect the quality of your work. Always keep your disposition and responsibility. Avoid background noises, screaming, or crying that can be upsetting to others in a teleconference or call.

5. Plan your tasks. Consolidating the activities on your agenda the day before will make you perform better. Remember that there will be unforeseen events during the day that you can also avoid if scheduled in the best way.

6. Connectivity. Messaging apps and video conferencing tools can help you maintain communication with your colleagues and work teams. Skype or Zoom are agile and good quality corporate tools.

7. Learn how to use the mute on your microphone. If you are not going to intervene, mute it and activate it only when you are going to speak to improve the quality of the call or conference.

8. Avoid social media. Facebook, Instagram and WhatSapp are designed so that you can open and view them in an instant, but if you are working this can be detrimental to your productivity. It is recommended that you keep them closed and only spend time with them when taking an active break.

9. Take a break. Get away from the computer and do something different than working. Take a healthy 10-minute break with that well-being activity and practice it twice during your workday.

10. End of the day. Some companies, especially those that work with international clients, require 24/7 availability, however, depending on the volume of tasks assigned, you may have an idea of when your work day ends and withdraw from your office tasks.

It is clear that with discipline and established tasks you can make your home an ideal space to work. Remember that performance, quality, and productivity depend on you and your goals. Today’s world needs more committed workers, but with the labor independence that telework offers.

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